Monday, October 3, 2011

This is my boy.   
He has many, many nicknames.  Here's a few:

Little Boy
Ro Ro
Honey Pie
Sugar Pie

Isn't he a doll??

Oh, and I call him Doll Face (is that a femine term?  I think it's fine for a baby yes?)

Today Roman:

Had a blowout, I changed him and he pooped again while I was changing him.  Then 2 minutes after I changed him he had another blowout.  Later, while I was nursing him, I all of a sudden felt warmth spread across my belly and run down my side.  Roman had peed on me.  It had leaked out the top of his diaper and down the side.  Then he gave me the biggest smile I'd seen all day.  What a doll.  And what a pill!  ;)  The picture above was taken after the 2nd blowout.

We take him in tomorrow for his 8 week check up (even though he'll be 10 weeks old tomorrow, I couldn't get in due to my work schedule).  I've heard this is one of the worst ones because of all the shots they get :(  Last time they did his PKU shots and squeezed the blood out of his poor little foot I just stood there holding him and sweating because I was feeling so bad for him!  Poor boy.  At least he won't remember all this stuff.

Today Roman was just a stellar baby while I returned/exchanged some stuff to Target, returned a bunch of stuff I really didn't need that I bought at Girl's Night Out during the Priesthood session of conference.  He also was an amazing baby while I ran to Home Depot and picked up some epoxy that Dave and I had bought on Saturday and both left in our cart on our way out - we're so awesome, and sleep deprived. ;)

Later on today I did a bunch of stuff I needed to check off my check list, which is so fulfilling.  I topped it off with watching several DVRed episodes of my new obsession - The Nate Berkus Show, and a long walk with my baby and hubby. 

All in all, it was a fantastic first work-free day.  Did I tell you I'm done with work??  And sleeping sooo much bettter at night knowing I don't have to wake up and go to work in the morning??  (That, and my little guy is sleeping a little bit better at night, I'm still waiting for the 9 hours of sleep per night... ahhhh that would be amazing...).


bre and add said...

So adorable. YES-i know that checking of the list fulfilling feeling. I love that!

Emily Kathleen said...

Roman is beautiful so you can call him anything you want to . . . and yes . . . beautiful is an appropriate term to describe boys. And men.

julee said...

roman is perfect! i'm glad i'm back to the blogging world. i have a lot of catching up to do. will you please email me your email address so i can invite you? i'm debating on going public again...