Sunday, April 17, 2011

the baby bump

I had a bunch of pictures I wanted to post on this blog but for some reason the quality of the pictures didn't translate over very well and I couldn't figure out how to make them go back to the good quality. This picture quality is also low. I can't figure it out! Sigh... technology hates me. So this is the only pic you'll get. If you want to see them you can look on Facebook! I'm getting super lazy with this blog unfortunately... Dave took this picture of my belly unbeknownst to me while being lazy on the beach near Dana Point in southern California. We took one last big trip before the baby comes. I'm 23 weeks in this picture. I'll be 24 on Tuesday. Who's counting right? I totally am. Wish I were 38 weeks right this minute!

Our trip to California included:

driving down to Las Vegas and staying in the uber-nice Trump hotel (Dave's preference)

having a delicious Frrrozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity ($10 later.... ouch) staying with Dave's best friend Trent and his wife Lori in Valencia and spending Conference with them - thanks guys!

a day at SeaWorld, just Dave and I- the sea lions are hilarious

a quick trip to Trader Joe's to get a picnic and then off to Crystal Cove where a baby sea lion came to see us, seriously adorable

then two days at Disneyland, MY happiest place on earth :), where I ate everything in sight.... yes, I seriously did

a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway - Laguna, Newport, Huntington, Santa Monica, Dana Point, and on to LA with friends then a 12 hour drive back to Utah

Exhausting but so much fun!


wahlstrom said...

love the baby bump! looking so cute. it was fun having you over the other night. we need to get together more often! don't get lazy with your blog....

bre and add said...


Lauren + Joey said...

California trips are the BEST! Looks like you two had a blast. You have the cutest baby bump, BTW - congrats again!! Super exciting.

P.S. Diane (Joey's Mom) told me you work at the bank that she goes to! How fun!

Chris and Tara said...

I love Sea World!!! One of our favorite quotes is from a lady in the sea lion show. "You're too late!" :) So glad you had fun. Cute bump, too.