Tuesday, December 28, 2010

oh. my. ohmyohmyohmyohmy

Where have we been? Yes, we're still alive. We've just been busy little bees. What a crazy month yo!

Amidst Bre's wedding, family Christmas parties galore, watching our favorite Christmas showes, and trying to sleep in between, it's been a busy month.

Bre's wedding was loads of fun (pictures to come, hopefully...).
Family Christmas parties were awesome, I LOVE my fams.

And Christmas was wonderful. Christmas Eve, after having to work till 2pm..., we headed up to my parent's house in Heber and the snow was just lovely, really got you in the Christmas mood, since SLC was really lacking in that department. Had a great Christmas Eve evening (can you say that?) with all my siblings and their {very loud, but lovable} kids. Half of the siblings, those without chilluns, slept over and experienced Christmas morning at the parent's. After getting everything our little hearts could desire, we had a delicious breakfast made by my hubby and my little sis. Crepes, fruit, and bacon (guess what was Dave's contribution). After filling up our tummies with Nutella, bananas, and "man-candy," we headed up to the Smith's cabin in Timberlakes and braved the 9 foot tall snow drifts (ok only some of them were, but seriously, tons of snow).

Up at the cabin we just vegged, and vegged, and vegged. I was a little vegged out, I'll be honest. Dave bested everyone at pool, that kid has skills yo! I read a new book, watched Toy Story 3, and ate and ate and ate. I think I'm done with food until 2011, please don't ask me to eat anymore leftover cookies! Bleh. Too much goodness.

Now on to New Year's Eve... I've never been a big New Year's person, probably because I usually fall asleep before midnight. Lame? Yeah, probably, but whatevs ;)

So what are you doing New Year's Eve? (every time I say that I start singing the song...)

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bre and add said...

Dearest sista-what a fun Christmas. Yes! Please pics from the Wedding soooooon!??! Can I import the ones from the reception? Check out my new post!