Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i'm kind of a disneyland nut...

This weekend we went to one of my favorite places on earth (Disneyland if course). I appealed to Dave to take me there and we finally were able to pull it together on a shoestring budget.
We went to my favorite restaurant in Downtown Disney. Delicious chimichanga appetizers fyi (which I ate for dinner).
I regret NOT eating one of these, it must have been like the only thing I didn't eat there. If you haven't noticed I kind of live my life being excited for the next thing I'm going to eat.
Ummm... exactly (this one was delicious though, it had like an almond flavoring).
Dave had one of these when he was in fourth grade and said he never took it off, we had to relive it (he still hasn't taken it off... ;D)
I had to take a picture of this kid in the front (click on it to blow it up, you'll be glad you did).
Ahhh, Disneyland, need I say more??


Rachel said...

Ok, so have you ever been to Disneyland in the winter? Collin and I are trying to think of a cheap place to go for our aniversary in January and we don't want to spend more than 500 or so bucks and that sounds like a TON of fun.

dave + kirst said...

We have been to Disneyworld twice during the winter (once for our winter anniversary - Dec. 29th) but never California Disneyland. I do have to say that it was warm during the day, chilly in the morning, and cold at night which I didn't love. But you like the cold and the sweater weather so you might not mind. Disneyworld was so much fun at Christmas so I bet Disneyland is just as much fun. Ahh... miss it already!

TyandMar said...

Oh man--I'm so jealous!! I love Disneyland at Halloween time!! Alas, our budget just couldn't make it work this time around. But, you'll like our new deck!! It's almost done!! :)
PS--that Mickey on a stick is adorable!!

Rachel said...

Hmm, I do like the cold weather, but I don't like going on roller coasters in cold weather. Brrr. I'd lose my beanie! So you are saying it was cold is Disneyworld when you went in December or it was cold in Disneyland when you just went?

dave + kirst said...


DisneyWORLD was perfect at that time of year. Not blazing hot like in the summer, just perfect.

DisneyLAND will be chilly. It warmed up during the day for us but it was cold at night.

DisneyWORLD will be alot more expensive I'm thinking, especially flight-wise. But if you've got the hook-up for that then go to Florida!

Bre said...

hahhaah! oh kirst. I totally laughed outloud when i blew up that space mnt. pic! hahah! you crack me up.