Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a happy five years

Happy Anniversary Spouse!!

Memories from Our Big Day:
  • getting up super early to get my hair done by Katie
  • looking like a kemo-kid because my hair was pulled all back and deciding last minute to just leave it down and curl it
  • rushing to the temple to get there on time...
  • seeing Dave when I walked into the temple looking like a giddy school boy with the biggest smile on his face
  • holding hands... a lot (with Dave of course silly)
  • being totally nervous
  • almost dying from heat in our extremely over crowded sealing room
  • loving that I have such a great, big, happy family that loves and supports me
  • saying 'yes' to our sealer before he was finished and then having to say it again (so I said 'yes' twice Dave - remember that!)
  • Dave being so nervous/excited he was almost trembling
  • changing into my wedding dress (because I couldn't wear my antique white one in the temple) and it being so busy I didn't get a little dressing table in the bride's room... still bummed about that actually
  • Dave's face as I walked out of the bride's room and met him down the hall
  • having to re-curl my hair like 10 times that day because it was grey, cold and snowy
  • my warm fuzzy boots that I wore under my dress to try and keep warm
  • my new black puffer jacket that I brought to keep warm that I may or may not have returned...
  • loving my photographer
  • sitting in the lobby of the Salt Lake temple with Dave waiting for something and BOTH of us falling asleep while holding hands - cheesy I know
  • eating soup with my mom, dad, and Dave at the temple cafeteria after the sealing but before the wedding breakfast because I was starving
  • having to pee so bad during the wedding breakfast while everyone was was doing the rounds with the microphone that I made Dave get up with me creating a totally awkward moment while I ran to the ladies room...
  • my niece Naomi sitting on my lap during the whole wedding breakfast because she thought I looked like a princess
  • loving my reception at Memory Grove
  • absolutely loving the cute little old men that we hired for our Frank Sinatra-esque band, they were fantastic
  • I remember loving what we got for our food but also remembering how sad I was I didn't get the chance to eat any (different types of hot chocolote, cheeses and breads... that's all I remember actually)
  • the long line of dear friends and family that came to our wedding - thank you! thank you!
  • beautiful flowers
  • a delicious cake that looked nothing like what I had ordered...
  • my nephew Nate swiping a big chunk of frosting off the back of the cake
  • our first dance - sung by my cousin Kami
  • when it came time to leave Dave realized he had left his keys in his sister's car who had left early...
  • waving goodbye to friends and family while waiting for Dave's keys to make it back to us
  • the shattered sparkling cider, dropped as Dave was opening the door to the car
  • swimming at Little America
  • an awesome suite at The Grande America
  • missing our flight the next morning and barely getting tickets for the next flight
  • going back to our hotel room after we had already checked out and gone to the airport
  • eating breakfast at Burger King downtown and running into my Uncle Mark as he was crossing the street - so awkward! ("Uh hello Uncle Mark... thanks for coming to the reception last night...ummmm... well! See you later!")

Thanks, my love, for all the memories we've had since and for the memories we've yet to make.


Rachel said...

Those are the best memories EVER! So cute and sweet. I love anniversaries.

Anonymous said...

ahhh i love you :) i remember this day! how wonderful!

Amy said...

:) This makes me happy. Congrats!

(Now, how about some pictures of the blessed event? I'm sure you were a beautiful bride. :))

TyandMar said...

How come I'm not mentioned as one of your memories of your wonderful wedding day? Strange. There's got to be some kind of mistake...
Happy Anniversary!! Now, go make a baby!! ;)

April HelleDickson said...

I love this. I think the magic of of life is contained almost completely within the details other people would have missed. Good job. I bet you guys were the cutest little bride and groom!